Monday, January 20, 2014

UFO Photo Captured by Reporter in Quebec, Canada

A mundane report of UFOs by a family in Canada made news reporter Daniel Deslauriers to go and investigate first hand. He came back with an interesting, yet quite fuzzy image.

Businessman Bernard Meilleur first spotted this triangle UFO hovering slowly and quietly over his house, "too slow to be an airplane", he says. He alerted local armed forces, police, and even NORAD, however none took any interest.
In the meanwhile, the phenomenon accrued again and again, every night between 6 and 8 p.m. - according to Meilleur 18 years old son Samuel.
Fearing ridicule, the family decided they will only agree to an article about the special events over their house if a photograph of the object will be taking, adding some concrete evidence to their claims.

QMI's Daniel Deslauriers set to get that photo and here is what he captured, taken January 9th, 6 p.m.

Reporter photographs UFOs over Quebec
Daniel Deslauriers - QMI Agency

As far as UFO photos go we've seen better, Although we do have a slight feeling of a triangular body, with three corner red colored lights. Something we are used to see in the field of Ufology.
Is it a secret military aircraft? Could be, but why would it hover around over civilian houses?
Another case of mysterious lights and another not too bad photo added to the huge pile of UFO (circumstantial) evidence.

Friday, January 17, 2014

UK Civil Aviation Authority: Plane and UFO Near-Collision over Heathrow, London

Earlier this month, an official statement released by the UK Airprox Board, a branch of the UK Civil Aviation Authority tells the unbelievable story of a near collision situation over one of the busiest airports in the world. 
Yet again, a government agency in the UK admits the existence of the UFO phenomena, even if it is in their cold styled British etiquette.

The Captain of an A320 Airbus noticed the object when looking outside his cockpit window, flying right in front of his plane and heading straight towards him in a collision course. Having no time to react he ducked and waited for the UFO to ram the plane when the object flow over and the accident was avoided.

File:Heathrow Airport 010.jpg
Heathrow Airport
(Wikimedia Commons)

A plane in mid air headed straight into a cigar shaped UFO over the main airport in the British capital when the unknown craft steered away in the very last second to avoid an aerial collision. Sounds like a story to open your news hour with? Not with our mainstream media.
An official statement by an official government branch admitting the existence of intelligently controlled crafts that fly around our civilian (and military) complexes should probably be the cause of a public outcry for official investigation in what is, obviously, a matter of national security and a serious issue of public safety. However, media corporations chose to ignore this story in the very same way the have ignored the rest of them.
According to the report, this event happened in July, and no additional information such as airline name, pilot name etc. was given.

Why no more information? Is there some kind of censorship applied here since this is officially considered a matter of national security?
And more important than all, if it is of a security concern, what does the British government knows that it doesn't tell us?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington D.C. Receive Media Ridicule

Former members of Congress, including Mike Gravel, former senator from Alaska, took the podium and spoke freely of their knowledge regarding the UFO conspiracy. But why is it that you will mostly read about the fee they received for their appearance?

Again a major UFO panel was held in the US capitol, this time titled 'Citizen Hearing on disclosure', again prominent public figures shared their opinions and experience on the matter, and yet again a weired reaction from mainstream media, choosing to focus on the 20,000$ paid to featured speakers rather than on the evidence presented and the significance of openly discussing this phenomena of global importance.

'The Telegraph' sneer headline covering the D.C. UFO panel (The Telegraph Website, Pic: Reuben Langdon)

Why would 'serious' media outlets make these kind of editorial decisions? Could it be a legacy, passed on from one editor to his successor down the generations, maintaining the old school way of approaching UFOs, originating way back in the 1950's days of the Robertson Panel?
When Mike Gravel is a serious person, when he speaks the media should surpass its Pavlovian reflex to ridicule and start raising the important questions for the sake of the American public.

But things have changed and are changing today, the ridicule isn't what it used to be, and some of it turned to sheer suspicion (which is not a bad thing if you are honestly seeking the truth).  Still, more courage is needed if the media is to do its original purpose, informing the people. surveys show that the Americans, and others around the globe, are already willing to accept the reality of other intelligent races in our universe, they are only waiting for their journalists to be brave enough to report it.

At the end, even if we are good at heart, we are all human, and the natural thing for a human being to do is to repeat patterns he already learned and knows. And now that Larry King is retired it would take a very curious and brave editor or TV host to change the way things are currently presented. Whoever you are, we are waiting for you.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pilot UFO Video over Costa Rica - January 2013

A great capture coming from Costa Rica, a pilot published a UFO video he was able to film while flying a commercial airplane. It looks very promising, is this a genuine craft under intelligent control or just a light reflection as others suggest?

The YouTube description claims this video was taken during a flight in January 23, 2012, by the commercial pilot Joseph Daniel Araya from Costa Rica. Araya claims that the object appeared on his cell phone screen while filming during flight, but went he actually looked outside the window he was not able to see anything, leaving us with a short video as the only evidence for this interesting UFO sighting.

The white flying object moves quite fast from left to right, in a way that corresponds with the position of the plane against the sun, a fact which might help to establish a light reflection theory, but also appeared to look like a solid body craft, and not smeared in any way, as sunlight would reflect.

I feel very positive towards this one, it was taken by a pilot during flight, wasn't seen by the naked eye which is logical considering the level of technology we are probably dealing with here, and is showing a configuration of an actual flying craft. I will update this post if further relevant information will surface.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Australia Bushfire UFO Video Captured by TV Camera - January 7, 2013

Extreme weather conditions in the New South Wales, Australia, created a series of raging bushfires. While covering this crisis, TV cameras caught something completely out of its place, are UFO inhabitants interested in natural catastrophes here on earth?

In the past we have encountered quite a few UFOs in the vicinity of natural occurrences and phenomenons. volcanos, the tsunami, nuclear meltdowns and many others received surprise visits from our unknown friends, operating UFOs.
In this case it is a natural catastrophe in south-east Australis, raging wildfire caused by extreme heat conditions in the area. A disc shaped, 'classic', UFO was filmed by a local TV crew covering the disaster.

IBT Times News (YouTube)

What was that, caught flying through the screen?
I believe that we have a genuine UFO this time, something that actually flew through the sky during the fire, and was caught on video. The object's form seemed too solid and wide to be some kind of spark or flicker originating from the fire itself.
Moreover, other than a slight bend the movement of the object is stable, suggesting it travelled side to side and not up and down as a spark would.

The video editor suggest, by using arrows towards the end of the clip, that other UFOs also appear in the same frame. I'm not sure I buy that, and perhaps that claim only weakens the case for a genuine UFO video.

Monday, January 14, 2013

UFO Sighting over Detroit, Michigan - FOX 2 Local TV Reports

Another UFO sighting reported by local TV station in Michigan this week. The UFO lights were seen flying across the sky in the Detroit metro area by multiple witnesses. Is there a rise in local TV UFO items? And could military crafts could provide an explanation in this case?

Local TV station FOX 2 from Michigan followed a 'talker', as they call it. A UFO sighting by many witnesses earlier this week in the Detroit metro, all describing the same sight - about 5 lights flying through the skies silently. The MUFON Michigan representative who was interviewed by the FOX reporter assumes these were actually classified military ultra-advanced aircrafts, still unknown to the general public.

Some things just don't add up with the spy-plane theories. How come secret government planes go flying above heavily populated areas, and commercial Airports? Is it logical that these guys would test fly their crafts in dense commercial airspace? isn't the United States big enough for them to fly around their own restricted airspace in the desert?

So here I go with my usual list of questions that NORAD and the Air Force must answer:
1. Are these crafts 'ours'?
2. If so, why are they flying where civilians can see them? Why are they flying near commercial Airports?
3. If not, what are they?

As usual in these kind of cases, there are more questions than answers, but I think the public deserve a straight answer for once.

FOX 2 (YouTube)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Security Camera Captures UFO photo in Texas?

This wonderful image was taken outside an oil company building in July of 2012 and posted on YouTube this week. Was it a disc shaped UFO captured by CCTV cameras in Texas? Pretty hard to determine, and should we wait for the full video before making up our minds?

It looks quite good - three very bright lights across what seems to look like an actual solid craft, a still image out of a CCTV video taken by a security camera at an oil company building. The frame it self looks like it was authentically extracted from the security cam, so why am I still not fully convinced?

Two questions that await answers in this case bother me.
1. Why isn't the full video available? We know such a video must exist and the same person that posted this image can have access to it. As long as we don't have the video, we could never conclude anything significant in this case.
2. Why did it take so long to publish this image? According to the video publisher and the security cam timeline the image was taken July 5, 2012, about six months ago, what happened during those months that prevented making this image public sooner?

I am keeping a very positive attitude towards this sighting, hopefully more information will become available soon so we could have another solid UFO case in our hand, to be added to the vast amount of UFO evidence the public could inspect.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

UFO 'Explode' over Sacramento, California - Local CBS 13 Reports

An incredibly interesting report coming from Sacramento local CBS 13 TV station, a video taken through a telescope showing a strange Orb like UFO. But that's not the weird part, the UFO was taped exploding. Yes, that's right, exploding on tape.

Elijah Prychodzko was about to sell his telescope, but before he sealed the deal he was able to catch these amazing images through his lens. A UFO light (also described as 'Orb like', as we know so well) surrounded by other smaller UFOs, caught by video through the telescope via his cell phone camera.
At some point during the film the bigger UFO seems to 'explode', losing it's form and shape creating what looks like a blast radius around it's position.

An expert astronomer, Dr. Stephen Maran, author of several astronomy books, was called in to try and explain what was caught on tape here, but was not able to provide any reasonable scientific explanation.
"To my opinion", he said, "is that it is not an astronomical event". Code phrasing for trying to say that this was probably not a natural occurrence.

This is truly one of the most amazing videos caught in recent times, and if it will not be proven as some kind of a hoax I'm happy to label this sighting and video as a tangible evidence of intelligent activity in space.
It was not mentioned in the report how far away from earth this had happened, or what is the size of the objects seen in the video, so the lack of these and other pieces of information prevent us from trying to determine weather this is a man-made secretive space program or friends coming over to visit from other realms. But one thing bothers me, if it is an actual explosion, what caused it? Why what seems to look like hostility? And isn't there anyone here on earth that should be accountable for providing some answers to humanity?

CBS 13 (YouTube)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Two Cube UFO over Russia, December 26

A video Showing two cube like UFOs, taken December 26 over an unknown location in Russia. Are these authentic UFO cloak exposed through the sunlight?

Two apparently large objects caught on tape, reflecting the sunset light as they hover in the sky in this one minute YouTube video. The poster didn't include any relevant video description so we have no further details other than the messy tag words he planted in order to awkwardly promote his video.

Basically I found the video to be authentic, it doesn't look like it was cooked on a computer. The way the image 'shakes' when zoomed in on the objects, the in and out focus auto-adjustment, and the credible soundtrack all add to the reliability of the video.

But what are those cube shaped lights or objects filmed here? Maybe they are the result of some kind of a light effect happening during sunset, but that is for the atmospheric phenomena experts to explain, because as a layman in that field I know of no phenomenon that could create this illusion, moreover two similar illusions side by side.

On the other hand, I would have liked to have more video material of this sighting, it would be helpful to see f the objects are more than just stationary because by the movements of an object it is more easy to determine whether it is intelligently controlled or just an natural appearance.

So, this one is another 'possible', or 'maybe' to add to our long list. Great video, keep 'em coming.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

ISS UFO Again - Thoughts on the International Space Station Live Feed UFOs

For the millionth time in recent years the live feed from the ISS provides us UFO images. What are they? Why NASA still keeps the Internet live feed online? And when will we get some straight answers?

NASA didn't leave the UFO community without a Christmas present as we got fresh UFO images coming from the International Space Station yesterday. The object captured, not very special in form or movement, was added to the enormous amounts of video evidence originating from the same source in the last few years, leaving us with many questions that must be answered.

1. What are these UFOs?
They are probably the same kind of objects that we get to see here on earth, so the question of their nature still remains unanswered. Aliens from another solar system? Time travelers? inter-dimensional beings? any of these answers are possible, including the possibility that at least some of them are just space-junk, or natural phenomena occurring in space.

2. If they are aliens, why NASA keeps this feed on?
It was rumored in the late 1990's that NASA began to delay their space-shuttle web live feeds after a series of recorded UFO appearances, I don't know if this was ever officially announced but recent sightings prove that it was probably wrong. Anyway, the live feed became an integral part of the space program and I'm not sure that they can change that without raising eyebrows and being asked some difficult questions at this point.
Keeping things just as they are means no significant trouble for them. The mainstream media will continue to ignore the situation and the UFO community's voice will not be heard. I'm pretty sure that even as we speak the guys at NASA are trying to find out a way to make the 'black' part of space dark at all times, no matter if a UFO appears, so that this problem which is getting a bit more attention now, and might cause NASA difficulties down the road, will be taken care of.

3. When will we get some straight answers?
When we demand them. Write a letter to congress (an email counts, too), post and tweet on the net, make your voice heard.